Chapter 376

Fresno, CA

Dawn Patrol

Every Saturday we fly (or try to fly) to an airport for breakfast. Honestly this usually does not conicide with "Dawn" but we call it that anyway :-).

We send out an email on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday to everyone who is on this email list announcing the destination for the coming Saturday. Ideally we send this email on Wednesday however sometimes due to uncertain weather conditions or just being busy it gets delayed as late as Friday.

Our email list for Dawn Patrol’s includes a lot of people who are not members of our chapter but are involved in the aviation community or just enjoy receiving the email because of the pictures and stories they include. You’re welcome to sign up for this email list even if it’s just to eavesdrop and see what we’re up to. Even more you’re welcome to drive out to the destination and join us for breakfast.

Some of our pilots, including me, enjoy taking other people along for the flight after they get to know you a little bit. It is common practice for the guest to buy breakfast for the pilot and chip in $20-$40 for fuel.

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